Weeknight basketball sign up process


As you know, our league is all about providing opportunities for exercise and camaraderie.  Our weeknight basketball program has been contributing in both of those categories for many years, thanks to our weeknight commissioners who volunteer their time to make it all work.


Recently, I've had several inquiries about our weeknight basketball program, which has prompted me to summarize our policies and procedures for all of you and for the website.


We play at the Boys & Girls Club on Clairemont Mesa Blvd on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6pm to 8pm.  They are pick up games to 16 (by 2's and 3's), lasting from 10-15 minutes.

We limit the total number that can sign up for each night to 18 in order to ensure maximum playing time for all who sign up to play.  The first ten in the gym play the first game after picking what seem to be even teams.   Assuming there are more than ten players in the gym when the first game ends, those who did not get in the first game play the next game, along with any additional players needed from the losing team (determined by shooting foul shots).  After that, players rotate in, with all teams playing two games (win or lose) before sitting out one (unless there are less than five others, in which case they shoot foul shots for any remaining spots).  This way, no one has to wait more than one game unless there are more than 15 players in the gym.  This is why we limit the total number signing up to 18, to minimize the possibility of that happening. 

If you sign up for one of the nights, you have full rights to play on that night.  You can also come to either of the other two nights to play as a guest as long as there are no more than 15 in the gym.  However, if there are 15 or more in the gym who are signed up for that night, guests will not be able to play.  


In the camaraderie category, we meet at the Bullpen (Clairemont Mesa Blvd near 163) after our Wednesday night games for dinner and drinks starting at about 8pm.  We have a table reserved, the waitresses know us well, and we always manage to have great time.   ALL league members are welcome to join us at the Bullpen, even if you're not signed up for any weeknights.

Weeknight sign-up procedures
Each of the weeknights has a commissioner who manages and controls sign up, collects money every ten weeks and coordinates with the Boys & Girls Club staff.  Signing up for any particular night is a matter of contacting the assigned commissioner.

Tuesday is Erik Helgeson       helgeseg@gmail.com
Wednesday is Mark Sullivan   mark.sullivan@goldenhour.com
Thursday is Will Neblett          william.neblett@att.net

Currently, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are full, but we have openings on Thursday night.  If nights are full, there is a wait list kept by the commissioners, and they can let you know where you are on that list.  Rounds are ten weeks in duration, and fees range from $55-$65 each ten weeks.

One final thing to note is that if someone would like to play in our Sunday league, but does not have a sponsor, the Sunday commissioner (me) will ask them to play at least one week night to get an assessment and, if appropriate, a sponsor.  These players will have the same rights to play as someone signed up for that night.